Gene Technology Consultation Submissions

This page contains submissions received from previous gene technology consultation processes on gene technology matters.

Page last updated: 05 December 2019

Third Review (2017) Consultation Submissions

Consultation to inform the Third Review was organised in three key phases, aimed at identifying key issues for consideration, collaboratively exploring policy solutions to these issues, and finally providing an opportunity for stakeholders to comment on the findings:

Phase One - Written Submissions

Phase One consultation gained an understanding of key issues to be addressed through the Third Review. This phase sought input from stakeholders in relation to specific questions aimed at fully understanding issues to be explored. Phase One also examined and took into consideration input into other reports and reviews.

Phase Two - Explore options and possible policy solutions

Using the input from Phase One, the Review process then engaged collaboratively with stakeholders to explore options and develop solutions to the issues captured.

Phase Three - Preliminary Report

Taking into account Phase One and Two considerations, findings were presented for stakeholder comments. Feedback was once again sought and provided through an online submission process.

Second Review (2011) Consultation Submissions

During the 2011 Review of the Gene Technology Act (2000), 48 submissions were received from industry, government agencies, researchers, non-government agencies and the public.

Links to Submissions to the Consultations

For a list of the submission received as part of the Third Review, please view on of the following:

A list of the submissions received as part of the Second Review (in 2011), can be accessed via the following link: