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This page contains information about consultations relating to the National Gene Technology Scheme and online publications.

Page last updated: 05 December 2019

The importance of thorough consultation to inform all Australian Governments is acknowledged through the endorsement of the reviews. There is increasing recognition, across private and public sectors, of the value of policy co-design, whereby all those with vested interests are engaged in both identifying and constructing solutions to what are often multi-perspective issues.

During reviews of the Gene Technology Scheme and implementation of endorsed recommendations which have arisen from these reviews – there have been multiple opportunities for stakeholders to contribute their views.

The Third Review of the Gene Technology Scheme (The Review) was well consulted over three key phases aimed at identifying key issues for consideration, collaboratively exploring policy solutions to these issues, and finally providing an opportunity to comment on the findings included in the Final Report (released in October 2018).

Recognising the importance of ongoing consultation to inform implementation of the recommendations arising from The Review, an Issues Paper was developed to inform three key priority areas.

Additional information about existing and previous consultation processes, can be accessed below.

Latest news:

Consultation on the recently released Issues Paper – Implementing Recommendations of the Third Review of the Gene Technology Scheme: Phase One Consultation (the Issues Paper), is now closed. To obtain a copy of the Issues Paper, please refer to the hyperlinks below.

September 2019 Issues Paper: Implementing Recommendations of the Third Review of the Gene Technology Scheme: Phase One Consultation.

The Issues Paper informs the first phase of consultation to progress implementation of the first three key priorities. It seeks feedback on key factors that will guide assessment of any future options for change.

Please Note: the consultation hub lists open consultations and all online submissions must be submitted via the hub.

Previous consultations:

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