Gene Technology Consultations

This page contains information about consultations relating to the National Gene Technology Scheme and online publications.

Page last updated: 30 August 2021

The importance of thorough consultation to inform all Australian Governments is acknowledged through the endorsement of ongoing reviews of the National Gene Technology Scheme (the Scheme). There is increasing recognition, across private and public sectors, of the value of policy co-design, whereby all those with an interest, are engaged in both identifying and constructing solutions to what are often multi-perspective issues.

During reviews of the Scheme, and implementation of endorsed recommendations arising from these reviews, there have been multiple opportunities for stakeholders to contribute their views

Previous consultations:

Recognising the importance of ongoing consultation to inform implementation of the recommendations arising from The Third Review of the Scheme (the Review), a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement and Explanatory Paper were released for public consultation in December 2020.

In addition to the public consultation, webinar sessions were held to inform interested stakeholders of the proposed options contained in the consultation documents and to provide an opportunity for questions to inform responses. Recordings of the webinar sessions and a record of some of the Q&A responses are linked below.

Q&A responses to inform submissions

Set out below is a selection of questions received from organisations and individuals, addressing key issues raised during the most recent consultation information sessions to inform the modernisation and futureproofing of the National Gene Technology Scheme (the Scheme).

National Gene Technology Scheme: Consultation Regulation Impact Statement and Explanatory Paper – Frequently asked questions

Please note this list of questions is comprehensive but not exhaustive.

Submissions received to inform this consultation are available from the link below.

2021 – Consultation Regulation Impact Statement

Additional information about previous consultation processes, can be accessed below.

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