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Information about the Burnie GP Super Clinic in Tasmania.

Page last updated: 02 October 2014

Information as at August 2014

Location of Super Clinic

52-56 Bass Highway, Cooee

Contact details

(03) 6433 9999
Burnie GP Super Clinic website

Funding recipient

Burnie Super Clinic Pty Ltd Top of page

Total Commonwealth funding

$2.5 million (GST exclusive)

Description of clinic

The purpose built clinic is located in an area in Western Burnie fronting onto the Bass Highway with access by public bus service.

The clinic commenced operations on 7 March 2011.


Multidisciplinary care

The Burnie GP Super Clinic provides multidisciplinary, integrated services using qualified health professionals. A range of services are provided through GPs, nursing staff, a dietitian, a diabetes educator, a physiotherapist, a podiatrist and an audiologist. Visiting specialist services include nephrology and neurosurgery.

Services include:
  • diabetes prevention and education programs in collaboration with General Practice North West (GPNW) and the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) through the North West Regional Hospital (NWRH) and the podiatrist
  • hearing services
  • mental health services provided in house and through GP North West and the North West Regional Hospital
  • immunisation services
  • pathology and pharmacy services Top of page
In support of the multidisciplinary approach to care, the following occur:
  • development of GP Management Plans and Team Care Arrangements
  • regular team meetings which involve GPs, nursing staff, administration staff, allied health staff, and community health workers
  • team meetings for specific services areas which set goals for health programs; identify waiting lists; and identify referral pathways
  • regular contact with nursing home staff to improve delivery of quality care including through care plans and medication reviews
The clinic has a commitment to early detection and prevention of chronic disease through identification of high risk patients. Health screening includes pap smears, cancer screening, and regular health assessments.

The clinic conducts a reminder system regarding appropriate health services and also participates in and provides information to: The Tasmanian Cancer Registry, Tasmanian Familial Cancer Register, Australian Childhood Immunisation Register and the Tasmanian Cervical Screening Register.

Preventative activities include:

  • Well for Life (allied health professionals)
  • Participating in the ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE) Program Top of page

Health needs and priorities

Burnie is in a very low income area with high levels of unemployment. There are higher than national and state average rates for: psychological distress levels, obesity, smoking and lack of physical activity. Higher than national and state average rates exist for Respiratory System diseases including Asthma; Circulatory System diseases; Type 2 diabetes; Mental and Behavioural disorders and Musculoskeletal disease. In response, the Burnie GP Super Clinic operates with a focus on preventative medicine and provides:
  • Healthy Kid checks
  • Mental Health Assessments and Plans
  • Type 2 Diabetes risk evaluations
  • Asthma Cycle of Care
  • Diabetic Cycle of Care
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander health checks
  • Older Persons Health checks
Recall systems are in place for Pap Smears, care plans, child vaccinations and 45 year old health checks for at risk patients.


The Burnie GP Super Clinic is accredited with GPA. Clinical governance arrangements ensure clinical safety and quality issues are monitored. Clinical staff are encouraged to attend teaching sessions/courses to maintain best quality services and provide up to date information. Top of page

Operating hours

Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.30pm. After hours clinics on week days 6pm to 9pm (during the half hour break GPs and nurses are available for any walk-in patients if required). Saturday and Sunday from 2pm to 6pm. A GP from Burnie GP Super Clinic is also available through the GP Assist after hours triage service.

Billing arrangements

The Burnie GP Super Clinic bulk bills children, pensioners, health card holders and DVA card holders. Other bulk billing is provided at a doctor’s discretion.

Home visits and visits to residential aged care facilities

GPs conduct residential aged care visits on a weekly basis. GPs will provide home visits as deemed appropriate and safe in the vicinity of Burnie.

Clinical training arrangements

The Burnie GP Super Clinic has a strong relationship with General Practice Training Tasmania, University of Tasmania (UTAS), and the Rural Clinical School. The clinic is accredited to teach medical students by UTAS and to teach Registrars by General Practice Training Tasmania. It is currently hosting Rural Clinical School medical students, and has hosted medical students from mainland Universities. The clinic is also providing placements for nursing and/or allied health students.

Physical facilities include a multipurpose education room and a library facility for all staff to utilise. Top of page


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