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Information about the Ipswich GP Super Clinic (UQ Health Care) in Queensland.

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Information as at August 2014

Ipswich GP Super Clinic

Location of Super Clinic

University of Queensland's Ipswich Campus, 11 Salisbury Road, Ipswich, Qld

Contact details

(07) 3381 1800
UQ Health Care website (Ipswich GP Super Clinic)

Funding recipient

University of Queensland (clinical services provided by UQ Health Care)

Total Commonwealth funding

$2.5 million (GST Exclusive)

Description of clinic

The Ipswich GP Super Clinic is 3km from the CDB (Ipswich mall).

UQ Health Care - Ipswich operates from 4 buildings in the grounds of the University of Queensland's Ipswich campus:
  • Stage 1 of the GP Super Clinic was a refurbishment of two heritage listed buildings, (buildings 3 & 4) and opened on 18 October 2010; and
  • Stage 2 of the GP Super Clinic was the construction of a new building ( building 5) and the refurbishment of part of building 2. This was completed on 29 June 2012. Top of page


Multidisciplinary care

The Ipswich GP Super Clinic has GPs, practice nurses and allied health practitioners including a psychiatrist, physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, psychologists, a speech pathologist, dietitians and a consultant pharmacist. Occupational therapy and podiatry available as required.

Urgent Care Today

UQ Health Care Ipswich integrates with local acute care services, e.g. Ipswich General Hospital emergency Department, and other general practices in the area to provide urgent primary care services for patients who are unable to see their usual GP or who do not have a usual GP.

Nurse led clinics in wound care and sexual health have commenced. In addition, the Clinic provides return-to-work rehabilitation services for people on disability pensions.

As the patient base builds, there is an increasing focus on prevention and management of chronic diseases. Complex chronic disease management services currently include:

  • a skin clinic aimed at early detection and management of skin cancer, as well as chronic dermatological conditions
  • a diabetes clinic - a joint initiative with Queensland Health, the diabetes clinic provides access to a specialist endocrinologist, a diabetes nurse educator and dietitian, and other professionals where appropriate
  • a medication review service, delivered by a consultant clinical pharmacist
  • mental health services with a particular focus on youth psychiatry, including an autism spectrum disorder/ADHD assessment clinic
  • an Ozlink Community Care Coordination providing assistance to patients to connect to relevant community services and programs Top of page
Preventative and support activities provided by GPs, nurses and allied health practitioners include:
  • asthma care
  • birthday check-ups
  • health assessments and periodic reviews
  • weight loss/management activities
  • antenatal and shared care
  • child health and immunisations
  • women's health including Pap smears and family planning
  • men's health
  • travel vaccines
  • Workers Compensation Consultations
  • Work and Insurance Medical Examination
  • minor surgery and skin lesion removals
Additional complex chronic disease management services include:
  • an extension of mental health services to broader specialty clinics including eating disorders, challenging behaviours and depression and anxiety; and
  • pathology collection service and diagnostic imaging available on-site. Think pharmacy is located in building 5, the new building. Top of page

Health needs and priorities

Research by UQ has identified that the Ipswich community is suffering from poor health and a high burden of preventable or modifiable diseases, for example: higher levels of obesity, physical inactivity, smoking and psychological distress occur in Ipswich than Queensland or Australia. As identified above, services have been planned in line with these needs.

The clinic hosts public information sessions with expert guest speakers, to integrate with current health promotion events, for example National Heart Week in May and National Diabetes Week in July and links with local council programs to promote community wellness.


The Ipswich GP Super Clinic is accredited by AGPAL against the RACGP Standards.
The clinic is accredited by the Central and Southern Queensland Training Consortium to train GP Registrars.

Operating hours

Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.

Two options are available for after-hour services:
  • Ipswich After hours Co-Operative:
    • Monday to Friday 5pm to 9pm
    • Saturday 12pm to 9pm
    • Sunday and public holidays 9am to 9pm
  • Family Care After Hours home visits:
    • Monday to Sunday, including public holidays, 4pm to 8am Top of page

Billing arrangements

All MBS services are bulk billed for persons under 16, over 65, concession card holders and Australian Defence Force families.

Home visits and visits to residential aged care facilities

The clinic provides home visits and visits to residential aged care facilities have commenced, including dedicated aged care services to one of Ipswich’s largest aged care facilities.

Clinical training arrangements

The Ipswich GP Super Clinic has integrated with the University of Queensland’s training and education programs to provide a range of student placement opportunities and a number of medical students have undertaken clinical training placements since operations commenced.

Students enrolled in dentistry, dietetics, speech pathology, pharmacy, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, occupational therapy, medicine and nursing have the opportunity to complete placements at the clinic.

The clinic has been accredited by the Central and Southern Queensland Training Consortium to train GP Registrars. Top of page


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