Modbury GP Plus Super Clinic

Information about the Modbury GP Plus Super Clinic in South Australia.

Page last updated: 03 October 2014

Information as at August 2014

Location of Super Clinic

77 Smart Road, Modbury - Hub
1 Gilles Crescent, Hillcrest - Spoke

Contact details

Smart Road (08) 7425 8700
Giles Crescent (08) 7425 8990
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Funding recipient

SA Department for Health and Ageing

Total Commonwealth funding

$12.5 million (matched by $12.5m, and land, from SA Government)

Description of clinic

The Modbury GP Plus Super Clinic is a hub and spoke clinic which commenced operations on 7 December 2011.

The hub site comprises a purpose built facility located 200 metres from the Modbury Hospital's Emergency Department.

The spoke site is a new purpose built centre adjacent to the Gilles Plains Primary School.

Early services (GP services) were provided from stage 1 of the Modbury hub from March 2011.

The clinic opened on 7 December 2011. Top of page


Multidisciplinary care

The hub site is providing general practice, nursing, dietetics, diabetes education, social work, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, exercise physiology, speech pathology, rehabilitation and counseling services. Additional (private) allied health services have commenced including exercise physiology, physiotherapy and podiatry.

The clinic also has public dental and pathology collection services, and wound care clinic provided by Royal District Nursing Services (RDNS).

The Multi-disciplinary Advisory and Consulting Service Clinic is providing public nursing, pharmacy, general physician and clinical pharmacology services for people with chronic conditions and the Spinal Assessment Clinic is providing services from a physiotherapist and a visiting spinal surgeon.

A Falls Assessment clinic provides specialist multidisciplinary assessment and management of older individuals living in the community who suffer complex falls related presentations. This free service includes assessment by a geriatrician, physiotherapist, occupational therapist and nurse.

The spoke site focuses on public chronic disease management and health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, recently arrived refugees, and financially and socially disadvantaged groups. These services include GPs who have particular focus (eg. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander, or sexual health), nursing and a range of allied health.

The spoke site also provides public health services specifically for children and their families. These are provided by an integrated early childhood development team comprising speech pathology, occupational therapy, social work, dietetics, physiotherapy and nursing, in partnership with other relevant children and families services such as the SA Department for Education and Childhood Development.

Women's Health and Safety Services and Programs and Sexual Health Services (SHine) are also provided from the spoke site. Top of page

Preventative services

Through the clinic, people with chronic disease will be provided with a range of services. The service mix will include the following components to support a focus on prevention and early intervention:
  • Nutritional services
  • Healthy lifestyle groups and programs
  • Support groups
  • Self-management programs
  • Exercise programs
  • Counselling services
  • Health promotion information sessions.

Health needs and priorities

The clinic has identified an ageing population, a high prevalence of chronic disease within the population (especially mental health issues, diabetes and cardiovascular disease), and risk factors of obesity and overweight, smoking, physical inactivity and high risk alcohol consumption as the priority areas for services.

The clinic has also identified a need to improve the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and provides specific services in this regard including a visiting general practitioner, nutrition, podiatry, speech pathology, occupational therapy and social support services. Top of page


The GP services are accredited (AGPAL/GPA) and the public health services meet the standards required by the SA Government.

The GP Plus Super Clinic has a wide range of policies, procedures and manuals to assist with quality service provision. The Clinical Services Coordinator's role includes responsibility for clinical audits and incident review.

Operating hours

Monday to Friday 9am - 6 pm and Saturday 8.30am-12:30pm - Smart Road
After hours GP services are planned when there is sufficient patient demand and available medical workforce.

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm - Gilles Crescent

Billing arrangements

All state funded public services are free and GPs bulk bill.

Home visits

Home visits are provided by the Aboriginal Health Service at the spoke site and comprise GP/ Aboriginal clinical health workers/allied health workers by arrangement.

Clinical training arrangements

Clinical placements have commenced for nursing and allied health students (including dietetics and social work students) at the hub site. Student placements for Aboriginal health workers, nurses and allied health professionals and GP Registrar placements have also commenced. Top of page


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