North Central Coast GP Super Clinic

Information about the North Central Coast GP Super Clinic in New South Wales.

Page last updated: 07 October 2014

Information as at August 2014

Location of GP Super Clinic

3 Mary Mackillop Drive, Woongarrah, NSW 2259

Contact details

(02) 4356 2500

Funding recipient

Warnervale Medical Services Pty Ltd Top of page

Total Commonwealth funding

$2.5 million (GST exclusive)

Description of clinic

The GP Super Clinic is part of a two storey, purpose-built medical complex. The GP Super Clinic is located adjacent to Mackillop Catholic College in the new Warnervale Town Centre.

The clinic commenced operations on 27 August 2012. Top of page


Multi-disciplinary care

The staff of Warnervale GP Super Clinic offer comprehensive health service provision including consultations with GPs, registered nurses and allied health providers in a multi-disciplinary environment. The range of services includes:
  • Nurse led Chronic Disease Management clinics, reviewing and coaching patients to better self-manage their chronic conditions of Diabetes, Heart Disease, Obesity
  • Registered Nurse staffed Treatment Room & Emergency care on-site
  • The Practice has a fully operational emergency/resuscitation bay
  • Women’s Health Nurse.
  • Childhood & Adult Immunisations
  • Clinical Psychologist counselling services
  • Podiatry treatment service
  • On site Audiology screening service
  • GP & RN Health Assessments for: 4 year olds, 45 to 49 year olds, prediabetes & in home over 75 year olds
  • Onsite Physiotherapy services including Pilates classes & core strengthening
  • Residential nursing home care and nursing hostel care
  • On site dispensing Pharmacy
  • On site Pathology collecting rooms
  • On site Centacare Childhood & Family counselling service offering a range of counselling and intervention services, including services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
The current Lifestyle program being developed by the multi-disciplinary team, has, as one of its' goals, the development of a primary care model for managing obesity in the General Practice setting. Top of page

Preventative services

The North Central Coast GP Super Clinic undertakes a range of health promotion and illness prevention services including:
  • The multidisciplinary team, that may include a GP, registered nurse, dietician, physiotherapist, psychologist, podiatrist, pharmacist, and administration manager will be active participants in the planning and review process of individual patient programs. the patient will have an individual plan to meet their individual needs and abilities with regard to exercise and diet.
  • Nurse led Chronic Disease Management clinics where the registered nurse encourages the patient to adopt small changes to their daily routine, have the potential to delay the patients disease progression.
In addition to the early detection and intervention health assessments available on a daily basis at the clinic, a number of other preventative activities are available, for example,
  • Healthy lifestyles – weight management/Lifestyle modification program for patients at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease & stroke
  • a Pre-Diabetes Type II health check (for 40 to 49 year olds)
  • an audiology screening clinic targeting hearing loss in pension & health care card holders
  • health checks for people with a Disability, providing a comprehensive assessment of the physical, psychological and social function of patients with an intellectual disability and identifying any medical intervention and preventive health care required
  • health checks for Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders peoples, to encourage early detection, diagnosis and intervention for common and treatable conditions that cause morbidity and early mortality
  • Centacare provides a childhood & family counselling service onsite Top of page

Health needs and priorities

In addition to using the resources of the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census the health needs and priorities of the North Central Coast GP Super Clinic community has been informed by in house patient surveys and clinical database extraction.

Of particular concern in the Clarence Valley are the rates of Type 2 Diabetes, high cholesterol and asthma. For this reason, the Grafton GP Super Clinic will focus on developing a chronic disease system which is comprehensive and systematic whilst developing specific responses to these risk factors and chronic diseases through its multi-disciplinary clinics.

A multi disciplinary clinic focusing on group treatment of patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus began in June 2012, where patients under team managed care for the condition, are able to gain extra support for preventative treatment of their condition. This support is provided through group classes conducted by the dietician and exercise physiologist which incorporates a wide scope of education and group treatment around impacting positive lifestyle changes. New groups are available every two months.

The Pen Computer Systems Clinical audit tool has been installed on the GP Super Clinic Server and will be used to analyse the patient population and to generate recalls for at-risk groups and target patients with poor clinical indicators for multi disciplinary clinics and management interventions. Top of page


The North Central Coast GP Super Clinic was awarded interim GPA Accreditation in November 2012 for twelve months. A further three year Accreditation visit has been scheduled for September 2013. The practice Policy & Procedures are in alignment with the requirements of the RACGP.

The clinic is also accredited to accept GP Registrars through Valley to Coast GP training.

Operating hours

Monday to Friday - 8am to 6pm
Saturday – 8am to 12 noon
After Hours Nurse Triage service is provided by a Registered Nurse with on call GP support if required.

Billing arrangements

Bulk billing is provided for pensioners, holders of a health care card and children under 16 years of age. All enhanced Primary Care services, including Chronic Disease Management services, are also bulk billed.

Home visits and visits to residential aged care facilities

Residential nursing home care and nursing hostel care can be provided. Top of page

Clinical training arrangements

Placements for under-graduate students has been provided at the GP Super Clinic since August 2009 (commencing at the interim site). On site placements have also been provided for medical and nursing students. Students are monitored by the practice Training Officer.

The GP Super Clinic has dedicated education facilities for the use of students and staff. In 2012, the GP Super Clinic also hosted two final year nursing students.


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