National Competition Policy Review of Pharmacy Legislation - Final Report

The Final Report was publicly released by the Council of Australian Governments on 18 February 1999. It contains the Review's analysis, findings and recommendations on its Terms of Reference. It also includes assessments of each State and Territory Act referred to it against the framework of the Review's recommendations.

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National Competition Policy Review of Pharmacy: Final Report - Overview and Recommendations (PDF 57 KB)

Part A Final Report of the Review (PDF 477 KB)
Chapter 1: Preliminary Issues
Chapter 2: Pharmacy Ownership
Chapter 3: Location of Pharmacies
Chapter 4: Registration of Pharmacists

Part B Reports on State and Territory Acts (PDF 254 KB)
New South Wales Pharmacy Act 1964
Victoria Phamacists Act 1974
Queensland Pharmacy Act 1976
Western Australia Pharmacy Act 1964
South Australia Pharmacists Act 1991
Tasmania Pharmacy Act 1908
Australian Capital Territory Pharmacy Act 1996

Part C Appendices (PDF 57 KB)
Appendix 1: The Review's Terms of Reference
Appendix 2: The National Competition Policy
Appendix 3: The Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme and Pharmacist Remuneration
Appendix 5: Alternatives to Existing Regulation for Neww and Reolocated Pharmacies

Appendix 4: Possible Corporate Structure Model (PDF 1346 KB)

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