National Competition Policy Review

The Review was commissioned by the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) in accordance with commitments made under the National Competition Policy. It provided a Preliminary Report to COAG in November 1999, and a Final Report in February 2000.

Page last updated: 29 April 2005

On 19 June 1999 the Minister for Health and Ageing, Dr Michael Wooldridge announced the appointment of Mr Warwick Wilkinson, AM RFD ED, to conduct the Review. Mr Wilkinson has a relevant professional background and is an Associate Commissioner of the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

The main activities of the Review were to:

  • Examine State and Territory legislation concerning pharmacy ownership and the registration of pharmacists;
  • Examine Commonwealth legislation and statutory instruments regulating the location of premises from this which pharmacists may dispense pharmaceutical benefits; and
  • Identify and analyse the nature of any restrictions on competition arising from legislation and their effects on the economy, and whether maintaining these restrictions confers any net public benefits.
    In considering these areas of regulation, and pursuant to its Terms of Reference, the Review:
  • Considered the environment in which they operate, with reference to the Public Benefit Test provisions of the 1995 Competition Principles Agreement;
  • Conducted cost-benefit analyses to assess whether the objectives of the legislation can also be achieved by restricting competition and consider alternative means of achieving similar outcomes, including non-legislative approaches; and
  • Drew conclusions and made appropriate recommendations.

    The Terms of Reference provide more details about the nature and scope of the Review and its inquiries.

    The Review received a considerable number of submissions, and undertook community consultations in each State capital and Canberra.

    The Review secretariat was disbanded on the submission of the Review's Final Report, but enquiries may be directed to the Department of Health and Ageing.
    Phone: 02 6289 8195