2010 National Healthy School Canteens Guidelines

This page contains information on the 2010 National Healthy School Canteens Project.

Page last updated: 05 November 2013

The National Healthy School Canteen (NHSC) guidelines and resources provide national guidance and training to help canteen managers across Australia to make healthier food and drink choices for school canteens. These guidelines build on activities of state and territory governments and encourage a nationally consistent approach to promoting healthy food through Australian school canteens. The guidelines include three components: a national food categorisation system for school canteens; training materials for canteen staff, and an evaluation framework.

Implementation of the NHSC guidelines is at the discretion of each state or territory government. Some states and territories have implemented the NHSC guidelines in full, others incorporated components of the guidelines within their own system.

The resources are available in pdf below:

The PowerPoint presentations are available below:

The HTML versions of the some resources are available below
'Inserts updated in 2013 for existing print materials in the National Healthy School Canteen packs'
For information about healthy eating tips and nutrition for different ages, please visit Eat for Health website.

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