Primary Health Care Development Program

The Primary Health Care Development Program (the Program) provides funding to support activities that improve access to quality primary health and medical services in the community.

Page last updated: 13 July 2017

The objectives of the Program are as follows:

  • Continued improvement in general practice, allied health and other activities that will increase capacity, enhance quality care and improve access and health outcomes for patients;
  • Improved access to the range and choice of medical and health care services available to target population groups including children, disadvantaged groups, Indigenous populations, and people in regional, rural and remote locations;
  • Improved coordination and integration of primary and ambulatory health care;
  • Enhanced education, training opportunities, and dissemination of information aimed at improving the quality and efficacy of primary health care services;
  • Provision of innovative and cost-effective health and medical care, accurate advice and information about health, illness and available services, to assist people in caring for themselves and their families;
  • Provision of the use of current and emerging interactive communication technology such as telephone advice lines, interactive websites and video conferencing, including telehealth;
  • Supporting the establishment of the Health Care Home model, to provide continuity of care, coordinated services and a team-based approach to care of the patient; and
  • Improved collaboration of health information and services to assist people living with complex and chronic conditions to help maintain good health.

The Program comprises of four annexures:

  1. Primary Health Network;
  2. Health Information, Advice and Counselling Services Network;
  3. Primary Health Collaboration and Complex Conditions; and
  4. Health Care Homes.