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Use of tobacco, alcohol, and over-the-counter and illicit substances among Indigenous students participating in the Australian Secondary Students Alcohol and Drug Survey 2008

In addition to the main 2008 Australian Secondary Students Alcohol and Drug (ASSAD) Survey, students from an additional 19 schools from rural areas in Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory were surveyed. From the 400 schools surveyed as part of the 2008 ASSAD and ASSAD Extension, 1317 students identified themselves as Indigenous Australians. This report is based on data from this combined group of Indigenous students.


Lifescripts resources

Resources to assist GPs and their practices to manage lifestyle-related risk factors.


Alcohol resources - National Binge Drinking Strategy (Drinking Nightmare)

Resources from the National Binge Drinking Strategy (Drinking Nightmare) database


Comorbidity treatment service model evaluation

This report evaluated service delivery models for comorbidity treatment in the alcohol and other drugs and mental health service sectors, identified elements of good practice, and made recommendations arising from the evaluation.


Research Report - Evaluation of the 2003 National Rock Eisteddfod Challenge TV Special and the Regional TV Specials Sponsored by the National Alcohol Campaign

This report outlines the findings of the evaluation of the 2003 National Alcohol Campaign Rock Eisteddfod Challenge National TV Special and the 2003 Regional Rock Eisteddfod Challenge TV Specials which have been sponsored by the National Alcohol Campaign since 2000.


Training frontline workers: young people, alcohol and other drugs

Learning resources to assist frontline workers address the needs of young people on issues relating to illicit drugs.


Alcohol and other drugs: a handbook for health professionals

This resource provides an overview of key health and medical issues arising from the use of alcohol and other drugs.