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Quality Use of Pathology Program (QUPP)

The Quality Use of Pathology Program is a national grants program for quality pathology initiatives that aims to improve health and economic outcomes from the use of pathology in health care, through the pursuit of better practice amongst requesters (or referrers) and providers of pathology services and knowledgeable and engaged consumers.


Quality framework for telephone counselling and internet-based support services

The quality framework lists core elements, their purpose and guidelines to promote the development and delivery of high-quality telephone counselling and internet-based support services. It includes a self-assessment tool to enable service providers to identify how well they meet the framework.


Quality of Australian Healthcare: Current Issues and Future Directions. Occasional Papers: Health Financing Series Volume 6, The

This is the sixth volume in the series and considers issues associated with the quality of Australian health care services. The paper canvasses some of the issues faced by government in intervening to best support high quality health care. A number of current Commonwealth government interventions are described across a range of regulatory, financing and research and development approaches. The range of national machinery to promote the quality of health care is also described.