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Use of tobacco, alcohol, and over-the-counter and illicit substances among Indigenous students participating in the Australian Secondary Students Alcohol and Drug Survey 2008

In addition to the main 2008 Australian Secondary Students Alcohol and Drug (ASSAD) Survey, students from an additional 19 schools from rural areas in Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia and the Northern Territory were surveyed. From the 400 schools surveyed as part of the 2008 ASSAD and ASSAD Extension, 1317 students identified themselves as Indigenous Australians. This report is based on data from this combined group of Indigenous students.


Using Mathematical Models to Assess Responses to an Outbreak of an Emerged Viral Respiratory Disease

This report was commissioned by the Department of Health and Ageing. It uses mathematical transmission models to evaluate the alternative interventions available for the control of an emerged pandemic of influenza.


Use of Antibiotics in Food-Producing Animals: Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria in Animals and Humans, The

Antibiotics are used to treat and prevent infectious bacterial diseases in humans and in domestic and food-producing animals.