Role of the National Integrity of Sport Unit

Page last updated: 01 August 2016

The National Integrity of Sport Unit provides national oversight, monitoring and coordination of efforts to protect the integrity of sport in Australia from the threats of doping, match-fixing and other forms of corruption.

The specific functions of the National Integrity of Sport Unit are to:

  • provide national coordination and policy direction for sports integrity issues and seek to strengthen relationships between state and territory governments, regulators, sporting organisations, law enforcement, and other agencies as appropriate;
  • work with like-minded nations, the international sports movement, betting operators and regulators on match-fixing and fraudulent betting issues and advocate for a global response to match-fixing;
  • coordinate legislation, regulation, policies and administrative practices between the Commonwealth and the States to allow governments to adopt appropriate measures to ensure sport is drug-free;
  • provide advice and work with individual sports to ensure a robust integrity framework is adopted across the sporting codes and there are no gaps for criminal groups to infiltrate;
  • use the Sports Integrity Threat Assessment Methodology (SITAM) to assist sporting organisations to identify potential integrity vulnerabilities and develop their integrity capabilities;
  • administer the Sport Integrity Program;
  • undertake research and provide information to support effective approaches to protect the integrity of sport; and
  • support sports by providing online education resources on match-fixing and illicit drugs.