Social media

How the Department is using social media channels.

Page last updated: 23 November 2015

The Australian Department of Health is a trusted, reliable and valuable source of health information online and on social media.

The department uses social media to share links and information about health policies and programs.

Information about the department's social media accounts, guidelines and moderation policies can be found below.

How we use social media

The department seeks to help Australians by sharing links and information about health policies and programs on its social media channels.

We post regularly on Facebook Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

About our Twitter account

The department has a verified and active Twitter account. Follow @healthgovau for health information and links each day.

If you ask us a question via Twitter, we may ask you to send it in an email to or to complete this online form so that a full response can be sent to you.

The department encourages all Australians to subscribe to our Twitter Alerts, so that in the event of a public health emergency, we will be able to send you important updates and information.

Social media policies

We have policies that govern the way we use social media. We also have a social media policy for departmental staff to guide and support them in their use of social media, both at work and outside of work. For more information, please email

Public servants’ use of social media

Public servants’ social media use is governed by the APS Values and Code of Conduct and the Australian Public Service Commission Circular 2012/1: Revisions to the Commission's guidance on making public comment and participating online.

Public servants are expected to maintain the same high standards of conduct and behaviour online as would be expected through other channels. Specific departmental policy and guidelines have been developed for staff.

Badges and widgets

The badges (embeddable images) and widgets (embeddable tools) linked below can be embedded in other websites to provide information and news related to specific health subjects.