Sport and Recreation Facilities

Page last updated: 23 October 2013

The Australian Government has a proud history of supporting participation in community-based and elite level sport and recreation activities. The Government has provided funding assistance to a number of infrastructure projects ranging from small community facilities in regional and urban areas to major sporting venues. The Department of Health continues to administer a small number of projects around the country.

There are currently no ongoing grant programmes to support sport and recreation facility projects through the health portfolio. Australian Government funding for sport and recreation facilities may be available through the Department of Infrastructure. The Australian Government has committed $1 billion to the National Stronger Regions Fund (NSRF) over five years commencing from 1 July 2015. The NSRF is an Australian Government initiative to boost social and economic development in Australia’s regions by funding priority infrastructure projects in local communities.

Further information on the NSRF, including Guidelines and how to apply for funding, can be found on the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development’s website.

Sporting clubs and associations that are interested in improving sporting facilities may wish to contact their respective state or territory Department of Sport and Recreation for further information.

Contact details can be found on the links provided below:

Information on other funding avenues available through a wide range of Australian, State and Local Government agencies for community organisations, communities, businesses and individuals can be obtained from the GrantsLINK website (sport and recreation funding options are under the Community and Society heading) or by telephone on 13 28 46 .

Another option that may be considered in relation to attracting funding to improve club facilities is the Australian Sports Foundation (ASF). The ASF provides assistance to not-for-profit, incorporated and other eligible organisations, such as sporting clubs, local councils, schools and community groups, to raise funds for sport related projects. This assistance may include access to the ASF discretionary grants pool comprised of unconditional corporate, community and philanthropic donations made to the ASF to support sport related initiatives across Australia. Eligible organisations are also able to undertake tax-deductible fundraising campaigns for projects registered with the ASF.