The Government Response to the Wood Review

Page last updated: 11 May 2021

Senator the Hon. Bridget McKenzie, Minister for Sport released the Government Response to the Review of Australia’s Sport Integrity Arrangements (the Wood Review) on 12 February 2019.

The Government is supportive of the recommendations provided in the Wood Review, and committed to ensuring that Australian sport is protected against the rapidly evolving sport Integrity threat environment. This means Australians can be confident that their sports will continue to be clean, fair, safe and inclusive.

Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport – the Government Response to the Wood Review (PDF 2.6 MB)
Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport – the Government Response to the Wood Review (Word 2.7 KB)

Key Pillars of the Government Approach

A National Sport Integrity Commission - to be named Sport Integrity Australia

Sport Integrity Australia will bring together the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA), the National Integrity of Sport Unit and national sport Integrity functions of Sport Australia. Sport Integrity Australia will be a one-stop shop supporting all sport Integrity stakeholders to manage the range of existing and emerging integrity-related issues. Its focus will be on regulation, monitoring and intelligence, policy, and program delivery, including education and outreach.
Establishing Sport Integrity Australia will provide a single Commonwealth centre of excellence and point of reference for all stakeholders, right across the sport Integrity spectrum.

National Sports Tribunal

A new National Sports Tribunal (NST) will hear anti-doping rule violations matters and other sports-related disputes in a cost-effective, efficient, independent and transparent way, with the power to call evidence from relevant parties. The NST will provide an accessible forum for all members of the Australian sporting community to resolve sport Integrity disputes through various methods, including conciliation, mediation and arbitration.
A two year pilot of the NST will initially be conducted, allowing for the development of capability against demand and refinement of operations and services.

Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions (Macolin Convention)

On behalf of the Australian Government, Minister McKenzie has signed the Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions (Macolin Convention) – the only multi-lateral treaty aimed at combatting match-fixing and related corruption in sport. Australia played a key role in the drafting the Macolin Convention and through becoming a member joins a growing list of nations closely co-operating on defeating the increasing scourge of match-fixing and criminal corruption across an increasing range of sports. Australia is the first nation outside of Europe to become a signature to the Convention.
Ultimately, becoming a Party to the Macolin Convention will support national match-fixing criminal legislation to complement similar laws where they exist within the states and territories and bring consistency in the national ability to protect sport from wagering-related corruption.

Enhanced Anti-Doping and Criminal Intelligence Capabilities

Anti-doping and criminal intelligence capabilities will be ramped up to protect sport from doping and sports betting-related corruption. Building on the additional 2018-19 Budget investment of $3.8 million in ASADA and $2.1 million in the Sports Betting Integrity Unit within the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission, the Government will invest a further two-years’ funding to maintain enhanced capabilities and protect sport from doping and sports wagering-related corruption.

Reforming sports wagering to protect the integrity of sport

The Government will continue to build on the world-leading work of the Sports Betting Integrity Unit by bringing together all stakeholders to consistently and proactively detect and respond to wagering related match-fixing – which continue to expand globally along with the growth of illegal wagering – issuing alerts to stakeholders and ensuring law enforcement and/or sports organisation response where corruption may be indicated.

Stakeholder Impacts

Participants in Australian sport at every level will be able to be confident the sports sector is protected from integrity threats such as doping, match-fixing and criminal exploitation of athletes, abuse and illicit drug use. They will benefit from improved access to integrity support and education services, efficient and accessible dispute resolution mechanisms and protection from retaliatory action where corrupt activities are exposed.

Sporting Organisations will have greater access to integrity education products, including at sub-elite and community levels, and a streamlined ‘one-stop-shop’ for integrity issues through the Sport Integrity Australia. They will have access to clearer, faster, transparent and cost-effective resolution of disputes resulting in administrative and financial savings. Enhanced match-fixing detection and response will serve to reassure sports their competitions are less likely to be manipulated and, where such corruption is indicated, there will be an informed, effective and integrated response.

Parents and guardians of junior athletes will know their children are protected from sport integrity threats and be confident the sports in which they participate are clean, fair and safe.

Commonwealth, State and Territory Law Enforcement Agencies will benefit from improved coordination; clear, cohesive national-level regulation and legislation for match-fixing and related corruption; and access to improved information flows derived from the enhanced sport Integrity criminal intelligence capability of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission.

Sports Wagering Service Providers will be involved in alerting authorities to suspicious activity occurring within betting markets enabling real time action to be taken to ensure the integrity of the competitions they are offering markets on, resulting in greater confidence for their customers.

Ongoing Collaboration

To ensure that each measure of the Safeguarding the Integrity of Sport package achieves the best sport integrity outcome possible, the Government will establish advisory groups comprised of key stakeholders to assist with the development and implementation of each element of the Safeguarding package.

All stakeholders will benefit from ongoing and clear communication through both face-to-face and electronic formats as progress is made towards the full implementation of these important reforms. Interested parties are encouraged to provide feedback at any time through the Citizen Space.