Victorian Health Plan

Across Victoria, the Australian Government is investing in a range of medical research, infrastructure, mental health and primary care initiatives that will mean real, on-the-ground health benefits for all Victorians.

Page last updated: 25 March 2019

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Victoria – Global Health and Medical Research Hub

Across Victoria, the Australian Government is investing in a range of medical research, infrastructure, mental health and primary care initiatives that will mean real, on-the-ground health benefits for all Victorians.

The Australian Government’s Victorian Health Plan will improve lives, protect lives and save lives. The Victorian Health Plan builds on a more than 55 per cent increase in Commonwealth funding to Victorian hospitals, record bulk billing and more than 2,000 new medicines subsidised through the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

The $496 million Plan establishes Victoria as a global health and medical research hub that will support our doctors, nurses and brightest researchers in treating patients and in finding new diagnoses, cutting edge treatments and breakthrough cures, benefitting not only Australia, but the world.

Through this hub, we will deliver:
    • State-of-the-art cancer research and treatment ($116 million)
    • New hospital infrastructure worth $152 million, including new emergency departments for families and children worth $40 million
    • Medical research into new medicines and treatment ($112 million)
    • More mental health care, especially for our young people ($16 million)
    • More MRI units for patients when and where they need them ($100 million)

Cancer infrastructure

The Government is committed to investing in vital infrastructure and services to support Australians fighting cancer.

Establishing the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre National Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy ($80 million)

The first Australian Centre of Excellence in Cellular Immunotherapy (and CAR T-cell therapy) will revolutionise cancer treatment and will enable Australia to become a global leader in cellular therapy treatment, research and manufacturing.

Immunotherapies and CAR T-cell therapy are a new frontier in cancer treatment that harness the body’s own immune system to fight cancer.

Our funding for this centre will support:
    • Clinical research and trials
    • A new national network and clinical registry for cellular immunotherapy
    • A dedicated 14 bed/chair cellular immunotherapy clinical unit
    • Expanding cell manufacturing facilities
    • Accelerating commercialisation – bringing new discoveries to market

Hospital infrastructure

The Government is committed to ensuring all Australians can access safe, high quality and efficient hospital care.

Paediatric Emergency Departments ($40 million)

We will build four new paediatric emergency departments to provide better care for children when they need it most.

This will ensure children and families can be together, and treated by doctors and nurses, without being exposed to trauma, anger, violence and drugs in the main emergency departments.

We will build new paediatric emergency departments within existing emergency departments at:
    • Geelong University Hospital ($10 million)
    • Maroondah Hospital ($10 million)
    • Casey Hospital ($10 million)
    • Frankston Hospital ($10 million)
Benefits will include:
    • Improved patient health and wellbeing
    • Better ability to respond to regional demand
    • Safe and appropriate care for child patients
    • More time to treat children
    • Better experience for patients, families and staff

Research institute infrastructure

The Government provides unprecedented funding to health and medical research, which is the single best way to advance and deliver the latest, highest quality care.

Monash University/Peninsula Health

Health Futures Hub ($32 million) Peninsula Health and Monash University will partner to establish an Australian-first Health Futures Hub with research focused on community issues including aged care, addiction and mental health.

This will mean that the Mornington and Frankston communities will see the direct benefit from research that is undertaken in their community, for their community.

This unique setting will test new models of care and interventions to improve health outcomes in these crucial areas, and roll them out around the nation and the world. State-of-the-art ‘Living Labs’ will be built to simulate innovative assisted living and rehabilitation technologies.

Alfred Health and Monash University

Australian Clinical Trials Network ‘TrialHub’ ($24.6 million) The Australian Government will support a new Australian Clinical Trials Network’s TrialHub. It will boost opportunities for patients across Australia to participate in clinical trials and receive treatment as close as possible to their homes, regardless of where they live.

Partnerships will be established in regional areas, with hospitals in Rosebud, Casey and Bendigo in Victoria to be the first hospitals to join the TrialHub.

The TrialHub’s initial focus will be on rare cancers and other rare diseases, prostate cancer and melanoma.

Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery ($30 million)

The Government will fund Australia’s first hospital based biomedical engineering research and training hub. Located at St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne, the Aikenhead Centre for Medical Discovery will bring together the expertise of five universities and four research institutes, to create new treatments that improve health outcomes and save lives.

This innovative hub combines medicine, engineering, technology and industry to develop new projects, new solutions and new devices.

This research will directly impact the care delivered in the community and hospitals and improve the quality of life of people living with a range of health conditions such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, mental health and dementia.

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute Drug Discovery Centre ($25 million)

The Government will fund a new national Drug Discovery Centre at Melbourne’s Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research. The centre aims to turn scientific discoveries into new medicines faster.

It will help bring lifesaving medicines to patients with the aid of advanced robotic gear. Investment in robotics equipment will enable world-class researchers to screen hundreds of thousands of chemicals and quickly identify which ones can alter processes in the body that can contribute to disease or a condition.

This discovery provides the starting point to develop new medicines to treat both common and rare diseases. The centre will fill a known research need in the drug discovery pipeline.

Mental health and primary care

The Government is committed to ensuring young people have access to mental health services in their local areas. Three-quarters of all mental illness manifests in people under the age of 25.

headspace ($16 million)

We are investing over $16 million in new headspace centres across Victoria to provide crucial mental health support for young people. The funding will support new services including:
    • Wangaratta
    • Rosebud
    • Ocean Grove
    • Monash
    • Echuca
    • Sale
    • Pakenham
    • Lilydale
    • Whittlesea
headspace is the Government’s preferred method of service delivery for young people living with mental illness. It provides tailored and holistic mental health support, working closely with young people at a crucial time in their lives to help get them back on track and strengthen their ability to manage their mental health in the future. In 2017–18, more than 24,000 young Victorians accessed headspace services.
The Government is providing more MRI services, giving patients access to Medicare-subsidised lifesaving scans for cancer, as well as stroke, heart and other medical conditions.

MRI ($100 million)

We are providing new or upgraded units in:
    • DiagnostiCare, Keilor East (upgrade)
    • Royal Women’s Hospital, Parkville (upgrade)
    • Epworth Medical Imaging, Epworth Hospital, Geelong
    • Imaging@Olympic Park, Melbourne (upgrade)
    • Cabrini Hospital, Brighton
    • Northern Hospital, Epping (upgrade)
    • MIA Warringal Radiology, Heidelberg
    • MIA Lilydale Radiology, Lilydale (upgrade)
    • Holmesglen Hospital, Moorabbin
    • St John of God Hospital, Berwick
These are in addition to two units announced last year at Sale Hospital and Monash Children’s Hospital, Clayton.

We are investing more than $100 million for Victoria in our national MRI expansion program.

We are committed to providing essential health care for Victorians, where and when they need it. The Victorian Health Plan ensures we will deliver on this commitment.