BMP Scheme — Enrolment process for 2019

This page provides an enrolment process for the 2019 Bonded Medical Places Scheme.

Page last updated: 10 December 2018

Enrolment Process

You will need to contact the specific university to seek advice on how you apply to be considered for a Bonded Medical Place (BMP) at that university.

Universities will be notified once the BMP application round is opened for 2019. Once the universities have finalised their BMP Scheme place offers, they will advise the BMP Team.

Students who have been nominated for a BMP scheme place are also required to submit a separate online application to the BMP Team in early 2019. Universities will provide prospective BMP participants with relevant information regarding this process.

The BMP Scheme is a critical component of the Government’s Stronger Rural Health Strategy to ensure the Australian trained medical workforce is well-distributed, flexible and targeted to areas of most need. The Department of Health acknowledges the commitment made by the BMP Scheme recipients to rural and remote Australians.

Further information on the BMP Scheme can be found on the Department of Health’s website at

For any queries on the BMP Scheme Enrolment Process, please contact the BMP Team at

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