Health Workforce Program Review - Terms of Reference

This page contains information on the terms of reference for the Review of Australian Government Health Workforce Programs.

Page last updated: 07 May 2013

The Health Workforce Program Review will review Commonwealth programs and activities designed to increase, train, support, plan for and distribute the Australian health workforce.

The objective of the Review is to analyse and assess the appropriateness, effectiveness and efficiency of the programs and activities, and to ensure they are aligned with Australia’s workforce priorities - actual and emerging health workforce issues and challenges - including those identified in the Health Workforce 2025 Report.

The Review will:

  • analyse existing programs to ensure these are aligned with workforce priorities;
  • analyse existing rural health programs to ensure optimal service delivery;
  • analyse existing information and key stakeholder experience to evaluate whether the objectives of current measures are being met and whether these programs could be improved;
  • provide opportunities for stakeholder consultation;
  • identify opportunities to better align measures with workforce priorities, including through modifications and amendments to existing measures, or development of new measures; and
  • provide advice to Government about how to support the delivery of high quality, well distributed, optimally utilised and responsive health workforce.

The Review will be chaired by an independent expert, with a background in policy design and service delivery. The Department of Health will provide secretariat and program support.

Review of Australian Government Health Workforce Programs