Budget 2015-16 – Cessation of the More Doctors For Outer Metropolitan Areas Relocation Incentive Grant (OMRIG) Programme

The 2015 Budget announced the cessation and redirection of funds from the Outer Metropolitan Incentive Grant (OMRIG) to the General Practice Rural Incentives Programmes to support doctors working in rural areas. Therefore, applications for OMRIG received after 12 May 2015 cannot be considered.

Page last updated: 12 May 2015

Applications received on or before 12 May 2015 and current grantees will continue to be assessed or paid under existing rules until 30 June 2016.

Any contracts under the programme which were entered into before 12 May 2015, will continue to be managed by the Department.

Please refer to the OMRIG Fact Sheet for further information. Please direct any queries to the Department of Health at: outermetro@health.gov.au.

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