Temporary Resident Other Medical Practitioners (TROMPs) Program

The Temporary Resident Other Medical Practitioners Program was established in 2001 to preserve access to Medicare for a small number of long term temporary resident doctors.

Page last updated: 13 June 2018

This Program was introduced to overcome the unintended consequence of a legislative amendment at that time. Affected doctors were placed on the Programme automatically and advised accordingly.

The Program applies to doctors who:

  • Prior to 1 January 1997 were licensed or registered as medical practitioners in an Australian state or territory and
  • On 18 October 2001 were either a temporary resident or a resident of New Zealand and
  • Are subject to the Medicare provider number Fellowship requirement under section 19AA of the Act (that is, are not vocationally registered or do not have Fellowship of a recognised medical college).

Placement on the Program is indefinite and preserves the same unrestricted access to Medicare which the affected doctors had in October 2001.

For a copy of the guidelines, please email 19AA@health.gov.au

Contact for more information

If you have any enquiries relating to the status of your application, payments, eligibility or whether a particular location is eligible for the Program, contact the Department of Human Services on 132 150

This program will be affected by the measures announced in the 2018-19 Budget.