Return of Service Obligation

In return for choosing to undertake your medical study in a university place funded through the BMP Scheme, you are required (through the Deed of Agreement) to work in a District of Workforce Shortage, or in a Modified Monash Model category 4-7 location, for a period equal to the length of your medical course:

Page last updated: 06 June 2016

  • less any periods of Eligible Pre-Vocational (EPV) Training or Eligible Vocational (EV)Training; and
  • less any periods of credit obtained through Scaling.

Your Return of Service Period (RoSP) must commence no later than 12 months after you have qualified and attained Fellowship of a specialist college, including general practice.

As a BMP Scheme doctor you can choose where you work, and for whom you work, when undertaking the RoSP. The only requirement is that you work in an eligible location – ie, in a District of Workforce Shortage or a Modified Monash Model category 4-7.

Training can be undertaken in any location, including inner metropolitan areas. There is no requirement for you to undertake any Pre-Vocational Training or Vocational Training in a particular location.

However, you may be able to reduce your RoSP (by up to half of the period) by meeting the requirements (including location requirements) for EPV Training or EV Training set out in your Deed of Agreement.

You must obtain written approval from the Department prior to commencing any period of EPV Training or EV Training, for that training to count towards reducing your RoSP. Credit will not be applied retrospectively.

You can seek permission to defer the RoSP in special circumstances. BMP Scheme participants are also entitled to take breaks in their study and during the RoSP following the birth or adoption of a child or to complete additional postgraduate education.

You need to consider very carefully your choice to accept a Bonded Medical Place as you will be legally obliged to complete a RoSP in an eligible location. Failure to complete your RoSP obligation may result in action being taken to recover a portion of the cost to the Commonwealth of your degree. You are strongly encouraged to seek independent legal advice before signing a BMP agreement.

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