Medical Training Review Panel

Information about the role, governing legislation, membership and publications of the Medical Training Review Panel (MTRP).

Page last updated: 26 March 2008

The Medical Training Review Panel (MTRP) was established under the Health Insurance Act 1973 to look at the demand for and supply of medical training opportunities and to monitor the implementation of particular measures in the Health Insurance Amendment Act (No 2) 1996. These measures require medical practitioners to complete a recognised postgraduate medical training program to be eligible to provide services that attract Medicare benefits.

The Panel prepares an annual report to the Minister, which is tabled in Parliament.

The Chair of the Medical Training Review Panel is a senior executive of the Australian Government Department of Health and Ageing. The current membership includes representatives from all state and territory health administrations, recognised specialist medical colleges, medical schools, the Australian Medical Council, and a range of other professional, industrial and stakeholder bodies.

Annual reports and publications of the MTRP

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