Primary Health Care Advisory Group

The Primary Health Care Advisory Group has completed its work investigating options into the reform of primary health care to support patients with chronic and complex illness, and the treatment of mental health conditions.

Page last updated: 31 March 2016


Australia’s health system is under increasing pressure to provide better quality, affordable and accessible health care, based on universal access to Medicare. A long term strategy is needed, to offer a better patient journey for those with chronic and complex health conditions; to investigate innovative care and funding models; better recognition and treatment of mental health conditions; and greater connection between primary health care and hospital care.

The role of the Primary Health Care Advisory Group was to examine opportunities for the reform of primary health care in improving the management of people with complex and chronic disease.

The Advisory Group was led by Dr Steve Hambleton, the immediate past president of the Australian Medical Association and a practising GP. Membership of the Advisory Group included individuals with a wide range of experience and expertise in primary health care services, including allied health, pharmacy and GPs and representative consumer groups.

The Advisory Group was informed by national and international evidence relating to innovative service and funding models in primary health care. In August 2015 a comprehensive national consultation process was undertaken, with the public, peak organisations and health professionals all contributing to the Advisory Group’s development of options for primary health care reform. Over 1000 responses to the online survey were received and over 70 written submissions were provided for the Advisory Group’s consideration.

The Group met face-to-face five times and delivered its report to Government in December 2015.

Primary Health Care Advisory Group Report

The Advisory Group provided its final report to Government in December 2015. Central to the recommendations is the implementation of a Health Care Home model of care for patients with chronic and complex conditions. The Health Care Home provides a ‘home-base’ for these patients, coordinating the comprehensive care they need on an ongoing basis.

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Communique 3: Final - December 2015
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