SSBA Reporting Forms: Registration or Removal of a Linked Storage Unit

Use this form if you are a Registered facility and want to register a linked storage unit to store Tier 2 SSBAs under Part 4A.5 of the SSBA Standards.

Page last updated: 15 August 2019

SSBA Reporting Forms List

Release Date: July 2019


The SSBA Standards allow registered facilities to store Tier 2 SSBAs in a linked storage facility that is:

  • Within the same building as a facility, preferably on the same floor;
  • Included as part of the registration of the facility;
  • Included in the risk assessment and risk management plans for the facility; and
  • Fixed in place or is non-transportable.

You can only register a linked storage unit if your facility is already registered to handle the SSBAs to be stored in the linked storage unit. If you need to register a new facility please complete the Initial Registration form or if you need to register to handle a new SSBA please complete the Start to Handle a New SSBA form.

You must register each linked storage unit where SSBAs are stored as part of the facility’s registration.

Tier 1 SSBAs must only be stored within the secure perimeter of the registered facility.

This form may also be used to remove a linked storage unit from your facility registration.

Providing information to Health

The information you provide to Health is mandated by the National Health Security Act 2007 and will be included on the National Register of SSBAs.

It is important to answer all questions and to provide accurate information. If the information you provide is incorrect or incomplete, Health may require you to provide additional information. This may cause delays.


Personal information provided to Health will comply with the requirements of the Privacy Act 1988.

Application Authorisation

Please ensure that the person completing this form holds the appropriate authority to submit this application on behalf of the entity or facility.

Instructions on preparing this notification

This document allows electronic entry of information into the required fields. It is recommended that, where possible, this form should be completed on a computer and a copy printed, signed and sent to Health.

All questions are mandatory and must be completed. If the space provided in each field is not sufficient to complete your answer, please include any additional information in an attachment with the information clearly marked as to which question it relates to.

Please ensure you retain a copy of this completed form as Health is unable to provide copies of submitted documents.


To lodge this form via post you will need to use an opaque envelope and post using Australia Post’s Registered Mail service. You are considered to have submitted the report at the date and time shown on the registered post receipt.

Please do not email or fax forms to Health as these cannot be accepted.

Please submit all postal applications to:

The Director
Health Emergency Planning, Security and Laboratories Section
Department of Health
MDP 140, GPO Box 9848
Canberra ACT 2601

Once Health has received the form, you will be provided with a confirmation of receipt by email to the contact officer listed for the facility.

Further Information

Please use your facility reference number to refer to any matters relating to your facility.

If you have any queries about this form please contact the SSBA Regulatory Scheme:

Telephone: (02) 6289 7477
Email: SSBA

(This page contains form/s that are intended to be paper based that you can download and complete. If you are using any assistive technology and are unable to use the form please contact us using the Online form and feedback).