Guidelines for Certification of Physical Containment 1 Facilities

To access previous versions of guidelines in the Australian Government Web Archive please click on December 2014.

Facility Type Current Guideline Date & Version Number Current Guideline Documents Previous (Superseded) Guidelines Application Checklist Annual Inspection Checklist
PC1 Facility 30/03/2007 - Ver 1.1 PC1 Facility guidelines - HTML
previous versions not required

available here for your convenience
DOC 141 KB
annual inspections not required
PC1 Large Grazing Animals Facility None1 N/A previous versions N/A N/A
PC1 Large Scale Facility None2 N/A previous versions N/A N/A

1This guideline was revoked on 11 February 2014. Such facilities will be covered by the PC2 Large Grazing Animal Facility guidelines.
2This guideline was revoked on 27 February 2018.