GMO Register applications under evaluation

List of dealings included on the GMO Register
Register Number Dealings included on the GMO Register Date of inclusion on the GMO Register
Register001/2004 Commercial scale release of four lines of colour modified GM carnations (Moonlite™, Moonshade™, Moonshadow™ and Moonvista™) 27 March 2007
REG-002 Import, transport and disposal of cut flowers from Moonaqua™, Moonberry™ and Moonvelvet™ carnations 17 July 2020

Entries on the GMO Register are not subject to sunsetting which means that they will not be automatically repealed after a fixed period of time. This is because GMO Register entries are an essential component of the national gene technology regulatory scheme. This exemption from sunsetting is included in Section 12, Item 31A of the Legislation (Exemptions and Other Matters) Regulation 2015

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