Evaluation of the GP Super Clinics Program 2007-2008

7.4.4 Assessing Impact and Outcomes

Page last updated: 2012

The electronic health record was most commonly used clinically for individual patients. It was cited also by the majority of clinicians as an important facilitator of multi-disciplinary care. However, it was used less as a tool for organisational, administrative and quality improvement roles within the GP Super Clinics. This is a missed opportunity both within GP Super Clinics and across the GP Super Clinics Program. The potential for use of and linkage with data to measure performance, drive quality and determine achievement of the GP Super Clinics Program objectives exists, but has not been fully exploited. Reasons for this may relate to priorities and knowledge of the system and its use within GP Super Clinics. The potential for linkages and performance reporting could be further explored across the system.