Evaluation of the GP Super Clinics Program 2007-2008

7.3.8 Efficient and Sustainable Business Models

Page last updated: 2012

Most but not all of the GP Super Clinics indicated that they were on track to achieving financial viability. The models were commonly based on a model of price and volume – the combination of remuneration of MBS items (both bulk-billing and gap payments) and patient volume – achieved through patient numbers and appointment times. Where viability was most difficult was in GP Super Clinics where patient volume was problematic. This was not a function of appointment times but rather a function of insufficient patient numbers relative to the number of available appointments. Where this occurred, geographical access to the GP Super Clinic within the locality was expressed as a significant barrier.

The financial models of most GP Super Clinics had underestimated the proportion of patients eligible for bulk-billing. Given availability of these data on both demographic and bulk-billing rates per area, this was surprising. In these instances the financial models are, as they should be, under constant review.