Evaluation of the GP Super Clinics Program 2007-2008

7.3.11 Recommendations – GP Super Clinics Program Objectives

Page last updated: 2012

These recommendations relate specifically to the operation of services within the current GP Super Clinics in the context of the Program objectives.

  1. Support for service development for GP Super Clinics should focus on:

    1. Preventative care
    2. Evidence-based multi-disciplinary care
    3. Community engagement
    4. Partnerships with other health services.
  2. Partnerships between universities and all GP Super Clinics, potentially in the form of research networks, should be fostered to create strategic research opportunities, which address important questions about multi-disciplinary models of care and interventions which reflect patient needs.
  3. The Department of Health and Ageing should establish a clinical governance framework for local adaptation and application in all GP Super Clinics, and link it’s associated reporting into the regular reporting requirements.