Evaluation of the GP Super Clinics Program 2007-2008

7.3.9 Support for the Future Primary Care Workforce

Page last updated: 2012

Provision of and funding for clinical placements for medical and nursing staff are critical to developing workforce capacity in primary health care.61 Approaches should also include enhancing the focus on primary care in all levels of training for all health professionals to reflect the model of care being provided.61

The GP Super Clinics provide a unique setting for education and training of the future primary care workforce. Their multi-disciplinary nature has the potential for and presently provides placement opportunities for medical, nursing and allied health staff. In recognition of this universities are partners in three of the seven GP Super Clinics with specific space allocated within the buildings for these purposes.

Most of the placements provided were for medical under-graduate or post-graduate students. Plans were in place in most GP Super Clinics to increase placement opportunities for disciplines other than medicine. The space in most GP Super Clinics facilitated a range of teaching models enabling access for students from many disciplines. Importantly, patients recognised the value of students’ roles at the GP Super Clinics.

61Douglas K, Rayner FK, Yen LE, Wells RW, Glasgow NJ, Humpreys JS. Australia’s primary health care workforce — research informing policy. Medical Journal of Australia. 2009;191:81-84.