Evaluation of the GP Super Clinics Program 2007-2008

5 Establishment Aspect

Page last updated: 2012

Funding provided by the Australian Government for GP Super Clinics was used to purchase land and construct new buildings or to purchase or refurbish and/or extend existing buildings.2 The exception was the ability for GP Super Clinics to apply to use a small amount of grant funding as ‘recurrent funding’ (following commencement of operations until the fourth anniversary of signing a funding agreement).2 The specific items which were covered and excluded by the allocation of capital funding were outlined in the GP Super Clinics National Program Guide 2008.2 The funding was provided against a set of milestones generally standard across all Funding Agreements (FAs) but with milestone dates specific to each GP Super Clinic. These milestones reflected the main phases of any construction project. Applicants were required to include key documents about the management of the construction with their applications.

Information relating to these milestones and the GP Super Clinics as originally proposed was obtained from desk reviews of documents provided by the GP Super Clinics Branch relating to each GP Super Clinic. In general, this documentation consisted of the original, executed FA and any subsequent Deeds of Variation (DoV) to those FAs. In two cases, Departmental files consisting of all related project communications and correspondence were provided. Access was provided to the comprehensive Project Plans setting out the development budgets, activity across timelines (mostly documented using Gant Charts) and construction programs for five of the GP Super Clinics.
The capital works component of the funding was managed separately from any other funding sources received by the successful applicants. The capital works proposal was expected to support the delivery of the services against the framework of the GP Super Clinics Program objectives.2

The capital component involved in most instances purchase of land, submission of development and building approval applications, design and documentation of the works, procurement of the builder, and construction. This required a number of separate and either sequential or concurrent steps from the land acquisition phase to construction completion.

2 GP Super Clinics National Program Guide. . Canberra: Australian Government: Department of Health and Ageing; 2008.