Evaluation of the GP Super Clinics Program 2007-2008

5.4 Building Construction for Delivery of Primary Care

Page last updated: 2012

The perceptions regarding whether the building design supported the delivery of primary care were sought at those GP Super Clinics which were providing services at the site visits as part of the operations aspects.

Most of the clinicians expressed satisfaction with the building in relation to the provision of primary care. However, most suggested that, in hind sight, changes could have been made. In particular, concerns about the distances between reception and waiting rooms were common despite different designs. A commonly expressed view was that there was a need for greater involvement of all disciplines in the design phase. Particular concerns in some GP Super Clinics related to widths of corridors representing wasted space, and giving the impression of hospital rather than primary care facilities.

Integration of disciplines within the buildings was uncommon, i.e. GPs tended to have a wing or section while other disciplines occupied other parts of the building. This was commonly perceived as a barrier to integration, especially by allied health and nursing staff.