Evaluation of the GP Super Clinics Program 2007-2008

5.1 Outcomes on Project Milestones

Page last updated: 2012

Assessment of the performance of the various projects against their respective project milestone dates has been carried out by reference to three sets of documents:

  • The initial, executed FAs and any DoV
  • The Departmental staff responses to the delay section of the survey
  • The funding recipient responses to the delay section of the survey
There were divergences in opinion between Departmental staff and funding recipients as to whether or not delays had actually occurred, and if so, the causes of the delays. Although some of the significant discrepancies between the two sets of survey responses were resolved during telephone interviews, in the final assessment a sizeable divergence remained between the two sets of responses.

Of thirty-six executed FAs inspected during the desk review, the timeline milestone dates for twenty-three had, at the time of the review in late September 2011, been varied by formal Deeds of Variation. Ten agreements had not been varied at the time of the review although two of these were still at very early stages of development. Three agreements had been varied because the initial FA did not specify milestone dates and the effect of the DoV was to incorporate these dates. It has been determined that one of the projects will not progress.

Departmental staff recorded delays to the anticipated completion dates for various stages of development of the projects for all but three of the clinics. As at the date of the survey, thirteen funding recipients claimed that there had been no delays to any stages of the projects. The views of the funding recipients as to the number of projects that were delayed by any cause (13) are matched by the number of formal DoVs issued by the Department for time-related matters.