Evaluation of the GP Super Clinics Program 2007-2008

5.3.6 Construction Completion

Page last updated: 2012

This phase of any development of construction projects is traditionally seen as one of the least predictable and most vulnerable to risk of extension of the various development phases. Neither funding recipients nor Departmental staff survey results support this view.

Once unavoidable causes of delay such as inclement weather are discounted from the survey results, the largest single contributory event during this phase (except for the “Other” category in the Departmental staff survey responses) was “Design change and variation delay”.

Significantly, of the eight GP Super Clinic projects identified by funding recipients and Department staff as suffering delays to completion of construction due to Design Changes and Variations:

  • seven out of eight did not incorporate the Department’s recommended variation, delay and extension of time clauses in their construction contracts
  • six out of eight had not provided the builders with a Bill of Quantities on which to tender
  • four out of eight did not use the recommended Australian Standard 2124 (AS2124) form of contract
Conversely, six out of the eight had appointed a quantity surveyor (or independent project managers). It is not evident from any of the survey responses, at which stage in development of the design documentation these professionals were engaged. As a result it is not possible to determine whether they were in a position to exercise some control over these factors.