Evaluation of the GP Super Clinics Program 2007-2008

5.3.4 Tender Documentation Processes

Page last updated: 2012

This type of delay scored lowest of all delay categories in both funding recipient and Departmental staff survey responses. Departmental staff rated “Other” causes of delay as contributing most to delays during this phase (13 of 26 or 50%) with “Client design changes” or “Client approval delays” accounting for a further eight of 26 (31%).

Funding recipients acknowledged far fewer events of delay during this phase (only five in total or less than 20% of those acknowledged by Departmental staff), while admitting to “Client design changes or Client approval delays” in two (40%) of these cases.

There were generally only regional variations in the responses to this section of the survey. All eastern states recorded acceptable performances to program by design consultants, and the largest delay recorded was in Western Australia. This delay was blamed by the funding recipient on the extraordinarily high design consultant workloads arising from the mining sector in that state and the resultant shortage of skilled design resources. These are generally valid assessments of some of the design and documentation risks in this state.