Evaluation of the GP Super Clinics Program 2007-2008

4.1 Policy Alignment

Page last updated: 2012

The GP Super Clinics Program aligns with the major health, and in particular primary health care policies of the Australian Government, such as the National Primary Health Care Strategy.3 This strategy provides the platform for primary health care system reform in Australia and is aligned to the National Health and Hospitals Reform commitment to strengthening the primary care sector.5 The policy reflects empirical evidence that effective primary care in local communities means people stay healthier, manage chronic disease and illness more effectively, and stay out of hospital.3,9

The policy approach mirrors that of many developed nations, and organisations such as the World Health Organisation.6,7,10,22-24 Many of these reforms focus on primary care as the centre-piece of the health system to deliver equitable, people-focused services, supported by accountability, responsiveness and a strong focus on the health of populations.10

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