Evaluation of the GP Super Clinics Program 2007-2008

2.3 Program Objectives

Page last updated: 2012

The ten objectives of the GP Super Clinics Program described as characteristics of the service delivery model are contained in Appendix 1. A key focus of the service delivery model was the delivery of multi-disciplinary care by different disciplines and service providers through physical or virtual co-location, working as teams.2 The nature and range of services provided under the GP Super Clinics were to be tailored to the needs of local communities. While these services were not prescriptive, it was expected that the funded GP Super Clinics would demonstrate the following core characteristics in their service delivery model represented in the GP Super Clinics Program objectives:2

  • Well-integrated multi-disciplinary patient centred care
  • Responsiveness to local community needs and priorities including those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples
  • Accessible, culturally appropriate and affordable care
  • Support for preventative care
  • Efficient and effective use of technology
  • An environment conducive to recruitment and retention of workforce
  • High quality best practice care
  • Viable, sustainable and efficient business models
  • Support for the future primary care workforce
  • Integration with local programs and initiatives.

2 GP Super Clinics National Program Guide. . Canberra: Australian Government: Department of Health and Ageing; 2008.