Evaluation of the GP Super Clinics Program 2007-2008

2.5 The Need for Reform

Page last updated: 2012

Governments in many developed nations have recognised the need for health system reform, to address increasing demand related to ageing and chronic disease, system fragmentation, equitable access, efficiency, costs, safety and quality. 3-7 These challenges have contributed to the World Health Organisation (WHO) articulating the need for refocusing on a strong primary health care sector globally.8

In Australia, a number of key reasons have been identified for the need for reform with an emphasis on primary care. The first relates to the burden of disease and increasing rates of chronic disease and ageing, resulting in increased demand for a range of health services.9 The second relates to the need to reduce admissions and length of stay in hospitals by providing clinically appropriate care in the community. Aligned to the focus of WHO, the third reason relates to the need for greater geographical, financial and health condition equity in access to primary health care services.9,10 Further, an ageing and inequitably distributed health workforce continues to place pressure on the current primary health care system, requiring a focus on workforce capacity building as part of primary health care reform.9

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