Evaluation of the GP Super Clinics Program 2007-2008

6.10 Support for Future Primary Care Workforce

Page last updated: 2012

Placements for under-graduate students had been provided at six of the seven GP Super Clinics, and most also had GP registrars. While the focus of this training, at this stage of maturation, had been on medical practitioners, four of the GP Super Clinics had also provided training for nurses or allied health students.

Students, or their supervisors, commented that the experiences of students in this multi-disciplinary environment were positive and educationally beneficial. However, concerns were expressed that while the placements provided experience of multi-disciplinary care, the teaching at their respective universities was still provided in discipline-specific silos.

Even in those GP Super Clinics with universities as partners, there was no evidence of the teaching reflecting multi-disciplinary approaches. Even problem-based learning, which some clinicians perceived provided an ideal opportunity to be undertaken across student disciplines, was conducted in silos.

Patients commented positively about students being involved in care at the GP Super Clinics. None of the patients interviewed indicated any problems with the presence of students in consultations. Indeed, all interviewed commented on the importance of students in this setting in relation to the future health care workforce.

[Doctor] often has a student with him. He always asks if I mind but I don’t. It’s important that they are here because they have to learn and the best way to do that is with real patients. Sometimes I have even seen a student first and then [Doctor] comes in and checks them because he is in the room next door.

Patient - Interview

The space provided for teaching and training in most GP Super Clinics was viewed positively by most clinicians. In particular a number of GP Super Clinics had designed spaces to allow for parallel consulting thus supporting placements for multiple students with ease of access by medical clinicians.