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Page last updated: 26 June 2012

5.3 Figure 9 – Processes for developing, approving and implementing service proposals under MSOAP

Outreach service proposal identified

    Yes: Proposal assessed by fund holder & budget developed
        o Yes: Proposal assessed by Advisory Forum
            No: Proposal not support or changes requested
                No: Service provider does not pursue proposal
                Yes: Revised proposal developed(back to step 2)
            Yes: Proposal approved by DoHA state office
                Yes: Fund holder negotiates contract with service provider
                    o Yes: Service provider undertakes visits
                        Yes: Service provider submits claim/report to fund holder
                            Yes: Fund holder collates data and reports to DoHA
                            No: Fund holder pays service provider
                                o Yes: Fund holder collates data and reports to DoHA
                                    Yes: Annual review of service(links back to step 2)
5.3 Figure 10 – Processes involved under funding agreements between DoHA and fundholders under MSOAP

Doha invites fund holder to submit Business Plan for continuation of program
        o Yes: Fund holder prepares and submits Business Plan
            Yes: Funding Agreement(3 years) finalised between DoHA & fund holder based on Business Plan
                Yes: Final report provided for three year contract
                No: Fund holder develops MSOAP Annual Project Plan & recommended MSOAP services
                    o Yes: MSOAP Advisory forum reviews annual plan and recommends service proposals
                    o Yes: MSOAP advisory forum identifies areas of need
                        Yes: DoHA reviews and approved MSOAP annual project plan
                            Yes: Fund holder implements annual project plan
                                o Yes: Quarterly payments made to fund holder by DoHA
                                o No: Fund holder seeks/obtains approval from DoHA for changes to service proposals (back to step 10)
                                    Yes: Fund holder pays claims & receives and reviews reports from service providers
                                    Yes: Fund holder submits required activity, progress and financial reports
                                        Yes: Fund holder submits audited/financial statement for financial year (back to step 5)
5.5 Figure 14 – Relative gap between in access to specialist services by remoteness areas under alternative assumptions (does not include outreach services outside of MSOAP), 2009-10

Graph shows Assumming all MSOAP services are billed to medicare in blue and Assuming proportions of MSOAP services are billed to medicare in red. The values are as follows in major cities both blue and red are 100. In Inner regional both blue and red are 89. In Outer regional blue is 75 and red is 76. In Remote blue is 48 red is 50. In Very Remote blue is 37 and red is 46

8.5 Figure 19 – VOS expenditures per patient actually seen by ASGC remoteness area, 2010-11

Graph shows VOS subsidy in blue and DoHA administration in red. The values are as follows in RA2 Inner regional column blue is 87 and red is 15 on top. In RA3 Outer regional column blue is 101 and red is 16 on top. In RA4 Remote column blue is 212 and red is 39 on top. In RA5 Very remote column blue is 183 and red is 39 on top. In Total column blue is 146 and red is 26 on top.