Evaluation of the Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program and the Visiting Optometrists Scheme

2.3 Review of program documentation

Page last updated: 28 February 2012

Various documents were obtained from DoHA and the MSOAP fundholders. Documents and related items reviewed included:

  • Program guidelines (DoHA 2010a; DoHA 2010b; DoHA 2011a; DoHA 2011b; DoHA 2009a; DoHA 2011c).
  • Fundholder annual plans for 2010-11 for MSOAP and MSOAP-ICD (DHHS Tasmania 2010a, b; GPQ 2010a; GPQ 2010b; NSW Health 2010a, b; DHF 2010a; DHF 2010b; Queensland Health 2010a; Queensland Health 2010b; RDN 2010a; RDN 2010b; RWAV 2010a; RWAV 2010b; RDWA 2010; 2010).
  • Samples of funding agreements between DoHA and fundholders and associated financial and activity reports.
  • Previous reviews of MSOAP and VOS (Morey Australia 2003; DoHA 2004; DoHA 2008; DoHA Unpublished).
  • Various forms, surveys and other documentation from MSOAP fundholders.