A survey was developed, targeted at clinical service providers supported under MSOAP and its extensions (Appendix D). A second survey was developed for optometrists supported under VOS (Appendix E). The surveys were designed to capture the experience and involvement of service providers in MSOAP and VOS and their assessment of aspects of the programs, including ideas for improvement. The surveys were submitted to and approved by the Health and Medical Human Research Ethics Committee of the University of Wollongong and the Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health District (Reference HE11/330).

The surveys, including participant information, were forwarded by email to clinical service providers by each MSOAP fundholder for the MSOAP and DoHA for VOS surveys. The emails had a copy of the questionnaire attached. The questionnaire was able to be completed either as an online survey (accessed through a link provided in the email) or a paper based response which could be emailed, faxed or posted. Fundholders and DoHA were requested to provide details of numbers of service providers to whom surveys had been distributed. In some instances, fundholders distributed the survey to a contracted organisation that forwarded the survey onto participating clinicians.

Respondents were given two weeks to respond to the survey (by 2 September 2011), although in some instances, fundholders did not distribute surveys until 10 days prior to the due date. Reminder emails were sent to service providers three working days prior to the survey close.

The Optometrists Association of Australia included information about the VOS survey in a Newsletter that was distributed 10 days prior to the survey close.
Overall, 252 valid responses were received from the MSOAP survey and 42 valid responses for the VOS survey.