Evaluation of the Medical Specialist Outreach Assistance Program and the Visiting Optometrists Scheme

9.6 Integration of VOS and MSOAP

Page last updated: 28 February 2012

Evaluation findings

Integration between VOS and MSOAP has not occurred systematically. Similar to integration with other programs, coordinating MSOAP and VOS services is dependent on existing systems in states/Northern Territory, or is completed on a case by case basis. Stakeholders have indicated that there are few systems in place to encourage integration. The feedback received through this evaluation is that it is not an active area of effort in the development of proposals for either program. In general, the integration of VOS with other programs seems to be dependent on providers, as they appear to be fairly autonomous in designing and providing services in the circuits.

The development of IRIS and MSOAP Ophthalmology has created mechanisms for greater coordination of eye health services. However, as yet, the precise ways in which the IRIS fundholder will work with existing MSOAP fundholders and the VOS system has not yet been established.

Recommendation 18 above proposes a mechanism for joint planning at the jurisdictional level on eye health issues.