Recruitment questionnaire for other packaging (RYO, Cigarillo/ Little Cigars, Cigars)

For All

1a. Do you or any of your close relations, work in any of the following industries?

Market research1Terminate
Advertising, marketing, public relations2
Media and journalism3
Water industry 4Continue
Energy industry5
Automotive manufacture or retail6
Medicine or healthcare8Terminate
Department of Health & Ageing9
Tobacco manufacturing, for a tobacco company, at a tobacconist10
An organisation dealing with health issues11
Pharmaceutical company12

1b. When was the last time you took part in a group discussion or depth interview? (Write in)

[Answer box not included for accessibility]

Terminate if less than 6 months ago

2. Do you smoke any of the following?

Cigarettes (pre-made)1Terminate
Cigarettes (Roll Your Own)2Continue to question 9
Cigarillos3Continue to question 7
Cigars4Continue to question 4
I do not smoke any of the above5Terminate
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Premium Cigar Smokers

4. Which of the following statements describes your behaviour in relation to smoking cigars:

I smoke a cigar at least once every two weeks1Continue
I smoke less than one cigar a month2Terminate
Any other3Terminate

5. How much are you usually willing to spend on a cigar:

$25+ per cigar3Continue

6. Which of the following best describes your buying habits when it comes to cigars:

I only ever buy single sale cigars (as and when I want one)1Aim for a mix of buying behaviours
I buy my cigars in boxes/ cases2
I buy single sale but also occasionally a box / case3

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Cigarillos Smokers

7. How often do you smoke cigarillos

Once a month1Terminate
Once every two weeks2Terminate
Once a week or more3Continue

8. Which of the following brands do you smoke?

Wee Willem1Aim for a mix
Cafe Crème2
Henri Wintermans3
Captain Black4
Davidoff Cigarillo5
Other (please specify______________________________)7

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RYO Smokers

9. How often do you smoke roll your own cigarettes

Once a week or more1Continue
Less than once a week2Terminate

For All

10. Record gender.

Male1See Quotas

11. How old are you (write in and code below)?

Under 18 years old1Close
18-212See Quotas
Over 40 years old5


Qu. 10 – even gender split for RYO smokers
Qu. 11 - RYO smokers to be split: 18-30 and 30+

Incentives and timings will be:

Cigar depths$1 hour
RYO groups$1.5 hours
Cigarillo groups$1.5 hours


In regards to premium cigar smokers, if necessary feel free to tell them that the project is about health warnings on cigar products and the plain packaging initiative being undertaken by the government in order to entice them to take part

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