3093_ Interview guide for Premium cigar smokers5

1. Introduction (5 mins)
Purpose of section is to introduce topic of discussion, explain the process to the interviewees and obtain some brief demographics about respondents.
  • Introduce self
  • Explain confidentiality
  • Explain project background:
        • Research is the issue of plain packaging of tobacco products. (Moderator note interviewees will have been told it is on this topic, but still keep broad at this stage)
        • Not here to discuss or judge their smoking behaviour, just to get their views on some ideas about the packaging.
  • Participant introduction:
        • Name
        • Family, occupation

2. Views on plain packaging of tobacco products (5mins)
Purpose of discussion is just to have a general warm up and establish rapport with respondent. Let them lead direction in this section.
  • What do they know about it?
  • What do they think?
  • What smokers do they think it might effect? Why?

3. Understanding of existing smoking and purchase behaviour (5 mins)
Ask about smoking habits - do they only smoke cigars? Do they smoke any other tobacco products, cigarettes?
        • Has that always been the case? Or has the behaviour changed over time?
  • How many cigars / how often would they smoke cigars? Do you inhale you would with cigarettes?
  • Where would they normally smoke cigars? Prompt on all locations – at home, in lounges, in bars?
  • How do they normally purchase their cigars?
        • Boxes of cigars? Single purchases?
        • Where from? Tobacconists? Cigar importer? Lounge?
        • How? In person? Over the Internet?
  • How are the cigars packaged when they are purchased?
        • The boxes?
        • The single sale cigars?
        • Prompt with in a tube with branding? In plastic wrap? In a bag? Does the wrapping have branding on it?
  • Are the single sale cigars ever not packaged?
        • I.e., from humidor to hand immediately?

4. Relationship with brands (5 mins)
  • What is it that they like about smoking cigars over other tobacco products?
  • Describe a typical cigar smoker?
        • Prompt on where and with who they normally smoke cigars if unable to articulate?
  • What brand of cigars do they themselves smoke?
        • Any other brands? Why and when would they change brands/ not ever change brands of cigar?
  • What other brands do they know/ are aware of?
        • List out spontaneous replies of brands?
  • How do they see them as different?
        • What are the differences in the type of people that may smoke the different brands?
        • If having difficulty in articulating, as would they ever smoke X brand? Why / why not? Where would they be if they were smoking X brand? Who would they be with?
  • What is the purpose of the band on cigars?
        • Is it only to show the brand? Do they leave it on? Take it off?

5. Exercise 1 – Image board of different brand packaging for single sale cigars (10mins)
Show image boards of the 6 brands of single sale premium cigars (includes 5 brands plus plain pack Mayfair).
Using quant measures as a prompt, discuss associations with each:
  • Which is the most appealing from these? Why?
  • Which is the least appealing from these? Why?
  • What about the others?
Quality of tobacco
  • Which is the highest quality cigar? Why?
  • Which is the lowest quality cigar? Why?
  • What about the others?
Harmful to health
  • Which would be the most harmful to your health? Why?
  • Which would be the least harmful to your health? Why?
  • What about the others?
Ease of quitting
  • Which would be the hardest to give up ? Why?
  • Which would be the easiest to give up? Why?
  • What about the others?
  • Which one stands out the most?
  • The least?
  • What about the others?
For each brand:
What type of person would be smoking these cigars? Prompt with where would they be smoking this type of cigar? Who with? Introduce board that shows a cigar with a plain packaging band and two other cigars with branded bands.
  • Are these cigars different in any way? How?
  • Probe with – which is the more appealing? Which has better quality tobacco? Which is the more premium cigar? Which is the least?
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6. Exercise 2 – Reactions to Mock Up of Health Warnings (10mins)
Introduce small product packaging mock ups. Hand to respondent and ask them to handle and look over. Take note of how they look at the warnings and so on. Then compare, gaining responses for each and collectively.
  • What do you notice when looking at the pack?
  • What stands out the most on the packs?
  • What do you think about the health warnings on the pack?
  • Which one of the two would you be more likely to read?
  • Which one stands out the least?
  • Why do you think that is?
  • For each, what do you notice first when looking at it – image/ statement /both?
  • Size of the health message?

7. Exercise 3 – Graphic health warnings for cigars (15 mins)
Show image board of the revised graphic health warnings for cigars (warning message and graphics only – not more than three per board)
  • Which from these would you notice?
  • Which are the three with the greatest potential to make you stop and think about your premium cigar smoking behaviour if you if you saw it? Why?
  • Which are the three with that may prompt any concern about your premium cigar smoking behaviour if you saw it? Why?
Hand out A4 booklet containing headlines, images and copy, and ask that we discuss in more detail.
What stands out to you about this message? (image, headline, content of message once they read it) Why?
  • What is the message of the health warning? (Comprehension)
  • Do they believe it? Why? Why not?
  • Does it have any new information?
  • What emotion does it make them feel?
  • Specific reactions to the headline?
  • Specific reactions to the image?
        • Credibility?
        • Headline / image fit?
Reactions to the copy
  • Does it help explain the headline and/or picture?
  • Does the copy make the health warning more believable?
  • For overall message, what changes would you make?
  • Would it impact on your attitude to smoking? If so, how?

8. Summing up: (2 mins)
  • Out of everything you have seen today, what one thing has had most impact on you?
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5 Some elements of this discussion guide are only relevant to research for plain packaging of other tobacco products that was conducted concurrently using the same sample. Findings relevant to the plain packaging research objectives are not reported on in this report.