It is important that clients should be aware of the limitations of survey research.

Qualitative Research

Qualitative research deals with relatively small numbers of respondents and attempts to explore in–depth motivations, attitudes and feelings. This places a considerable interpretative burden on the researcher. For example, often what respondents do not say is as important as what they do. Similarly, body language and tone of voice can be important contributors to understanding respondents’ deeper feelings.

Client should therefore recognise:
  • that despite the efforts made in recruitment, respondents may not always be totally representative of the target audience concerned
  • that findings are interpretative in nature, based on the experience and expertise of the researchers concerned

Quantitative Research

Even though quantitative research typically deals with larger numbers of respondents, users of survey results should be conscious of the limitations of all sample survey techniques.

Sampling techniques, the level of refusals, and problems with non-contacts all impact on the statistical reliability that can be attached to results.

Similarly quantitative research is often limited in the number of variables it covers, with important variables beyond the scope of the survey.

Hence the results of sample surveys are usually best treated as a means of looking at the relative merits of different approaches as opposed to absolute measures of expected outcomes.

The Role of Researcher and Client

GfK Blue Moon believes that the researchers’ task is not only to present the findings of the research but also to utilise our experience and expertise to interpret these findings for clients and to make our recommendations (based on that interpretation and our knowledge of the market) as to what we believe to be the optimum actions to be taken in the circumstances: indeed this is what we believe clients seek when they hire our services. Such interpretations and recommendations are presented in good faith, but we make no claim to be infallible.

Clients should, therefore, review the findings and recommendations in the light of their own experience and knowledge of the market and base their actions accordingly.

Quality Control and Data Retention

GfK Blue Moon is a member of the Australian Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) and complies in full with the Market Research Privacy Principles. In addition all researchers at GfK Blue Moon are AMSRS members and are bound by the market research Code of Professional Behaviour.

GfK Blue Moon is an ISO 20252 accredited company and undertakes all research activities in compliance with the ISO 20252 quality assurance standard

Raw data relating to this project shall be kept as per the requirements outlined in the market research Code of Professional Behaviour.

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