Two distinct types of cigarillo / little cigar smokers were also able to be identified. The first of these were those that also smoked premium cigars as well, rather than cigarettes or other tobacco products. This group tended to be very similar in attitudes and behaviours as the more frequent premium cigar smokers described above. They may have a cigarillo / little cigar on a daily basis or a couple of times a week. Rather than be a social occasion, smoking a cigarillo / little cigar was more likely to be a part of their routine, for example, what they did at the end of work every day or a couple times a week to relax. Cigarillos / little cigars were chosen over premium cigars as a means of enjoying the taste of cigar smoke, while not being as expensive or taking as long. These cigarillo / little cigar smokers would often enjoy a full size premium cigar with others in a social setting. They bought their cigarillos / little cigars from specialist cigar stockists and / or directly from overseas.

The other type of cigarillo / little cigar smoker was typically also a cigarette smoker or had been so in the relatively recent past. This group claimed to smoke cigarillos / little cigars for a number of reasons:

  • perceived to taste better than cigarettes;
  • reportedly smoked less cigarillos / little cigars than they would smoke cigarettes, therefore it was seen as more affordable and ultimately not as bad for their health;
  • the act of smoking a cigarillo / little cigar held an element of occasion, which many found enjoyable and relaxing as part of a routine, such as after dinner of an evening; and
  • for a small few it was associated with a sense of status, with it being perceived as more refined / sophisticated than cigarettes.

While this group would identify that cigarillo / little cigar smoking was likely to have health effects, these were seen to be less than would occur with cigarettes. In a sense, they did see smoking cigarillos / little cigars as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. Interestingly, while some did not consciously inhale the smoke, other did so and were even surprised at hearing that it was not normal practice to do so.

These cigarillo / little cigar smokers tended to have established brand relationships, only smoking specific brands. This was often a matter of convenience, in that they were able to easily buy these brands. That said, there was some sense that some brands were of higher quality than others, although this was often related to familiarity, with cigarillo / little cigar smokers generally not having a large amount of previous knowledge of other brands than their preferred.

This group of cigarillo / little cigar smokers customarily purchased their preferred brands from local tobacconists, with some brands available in other places that stocked cigarettes such as newsagents and supermarkets.

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