Figure 6.2.1: 'Teeth and gums' health warning

G. Cigar smoking damages your teeth and gums
Image G: Image of damaged teeth and gums with text warning (see below for text).

Text warning from Figure 6.2.1:
Smoking causes inflammation of the gum and other tissue around your teeth (periodontitis). Symptoms can include gum redness, swelling, bleeding, infection and pain. The gum, bones and other tissue supporting your teeth can be destroyed resulting in tooth loss.
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Teeth and gums, along with mouth cancer, are perceived as the most credible of the health warnings across both premium cigar and cigarillo / little cigar smokers. As the smoke touches the teeth, gums and mouth, it is not difficult for smokers to imagine that this could cause damage.

Further, premium cigar and cigarillo / little cigar smokers could relate to discoloured teeth caused by smoking to either people they knew or even themselves. Although the image is perceived as an extreme case, and likely to be caused by other factors as well as cigar smoke such as poor hygiene, it is the most credible of all the teeth images that have been tested across all research phases for graphic health warnings. The image is mainly of discoloured teeth, rather than teeth that look infected or diseased. The possibility of discolouration is accepted by premium cigar and cigarillo / little cigar smokers.

The copy was seen as logical, factual and straightforward. This factual tone assists in it being accepted as credible.

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